We need you October 8th

Save our service
Eddie Caldwell APWU Miami Area Local President & Charlene Butler Miami APWU Retirees President

Privatizers–those who want to sell the public postal service to private corporations–are hard at work. But together we can stop them in their tracks.

The four postal unions are holding a national day of action to Save Our Service on Monday, October 8th, with events around the country.

See if there is an event near you this Monday, October 8th, to Save Our Service!

Here’s what we’re up against:

In April, President Trump created a task force on the United States Postal Service, and gave the it four months to create recommendations for the future of the USPS1.

But the White House tipped their hand when the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released their reorganization plan in June. Among many sweeping changes to the federal government, that proposal called for the privatization of the USPS–and OMB is one of the three partners leading the Task Force.

After the OMB plan met bipartisan opposition in Congress–and facing difficult midterms in November–the White House decided to hide the recommendations until after Election Day. They’re already on their heels. Now, let’s come together to send a message – The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale

If there isn’t a rally in your area, you can still participate by calling your members of Congress and telling them to co-sponsor H.Res. 993 and S.Res 633. You can learn more about the Resolutions and contact your member of Congress here.

I hope you’ll join us Monday–either at a rally in your community or by calling your member of Congress.

In unity,
Mark Dimondstein, APWU President