Face the Nation You Are Winners

Charlene ButlerWill your income last? Can you sustain your income and life style for next 20 or 30 years? Many baby boomers can reasonably expect to live to be 80 or 85, or perhaps even longer, therefore, we must have sustainability. Let’s fight against budget cuts and privatizing the United State Post Office.

This is what can you do:

Call your Congressman and Senator to say NO! Stop adverse changes to our current benefits affecting our livelihood and the future of our families.  Also, teams of people are needed to learn your district, to walk your district and get to know the people. We can hold politicians accountable for the needs of the people.  We believe this is a clear path to the kind of victory we want to win.  Don’t complain about what you did not bring to the table before just know people need people and together we have tremendous power. We do not have to be hostages.  Let’s step up and fight for OUR justice.

As you already know, these are crucial times so we need to network with all unions and pull together as a whole.  Just as it takes an army of people to stand up and fight for justice it takes lots of workers to run a union organization successfully.  That’ why we need you, because the year of 2018 campaign is just around the corner and we more shakers and movers.   With your involvement we can increase our membership and get auxiliaries to help PUSH legislators on issues that concern us.  Don’t forget to protect your right to vote.  You must register.

Please join the retiree chapters, if you haven’t already.  Your participation is greatly needed.  You are invited to the next Miami Area Local Retirees Chapter monthly meeting on December 13, 2017, 11:00am at APWU Union Hall 2500 N.W. 97 Avenue, Miami, Fl, 33172. It does matter who you are but how hard we work together to stay on the right track.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting on December 13, 2017.