Casey’s Spotlight: The BENES Act – Bipartisan Solution To Medicare Enrollment Issues

Casey's spotlight

Dear Friends:

In an effort to simplify the complex Medicare enrollment process, I recently introduced the bipartisan Beneficiary Enrollment Notification and Eligibility Simplification Act (BENES Act).  The BENES Act would increase education and outreach to individuals nearing Medicare eligibility and eliminate coverage gaps during Medicare enrollment periods.

This legislation responds to calls and letters I have received from older Pennsylvanians who inadvertently miss the deadline for signing up for Medicare.  Many explain that they made the financial decision to delay retirement and defer their Social Security benefits.  They were unaware that by making this decision they would not be automatically enrolled in Medicare, and as a result, face a lifetime of Medicare penalties and higher out of pocket health care costs.

The BENES Act is common sense legislation that would provide the millions of Americans approaching Medicare eligibility with simple advice about their coverage options.  The legislation has already received support from over 70 organizations.  If you or the organization you represent would like to voice your support for the BENES Act, please respond to this e-mail.


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Bob Casey
United States Senator
Ranking Member, Senate Special Committee on Aging