A Note About Our Postal Service

I want to bring a very important issue to the front of your inbox: The U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

We’ve seen a significant drop in services, and revenue could plummet by more than 50%. The bottom line is the Postal Service could be insolvent by September of this year.

Without congressional action, there’s a very real chance our federal postal system could cease to exist. This would be devastating for the entire country, but it would hit our rural communities especially hard. For the more rural parts of Michigan, the Postal Service is a vital connection. That’s why I’ll do everything in my power to ensure the USPS remains strong and vibrant.

I’ve negotiated a loan so the Postal Service could continue operating – but there are bigger challenges ahead that demand action from Congress and the president. I need your help: will you add your name to my petition demanding Congress take action to save the Postal Service? I’m hoping to get 4,000 signatures before midnight tonight. [ Sign the Petition ]

I really appreciate you speaking out. These times are hard for all of us, but we can’t lose sight of the many facets that make our country great.

Gary Peters, U.S. Senator