USPS Update – Tell the Senate to Confirm the nominees to the USPS Board of Governors

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President Biden has sent his 3 nominees for the USPS board of governors to the Senate. Once confirmed, Democrats will have a majority on the board―and can use it to remove the Postmaster General.

The Senate must not delay the confirmation of these nominees! The Postal Service is a critical piece of American infrastructure, and every day DeJoy has control of it is another opportunity to degrade it.

Tell the Senate: Expedite the confirmation of President Biden’s USPS Board of Governors nominees!

Louis DeJoy has been running the USPS into the ground. He has ordered the dismantling of sorting machines, cut hours for letter carriers, and generally offered worse service from something most Americans haven’t had cause to think about.

That’s because DeJoy sees his mission not to continue the USPS’ world class service, but to strip the USPS for parts and sell them to private logistics companies like the one he got rich on.

President Biden’s nominees can literally save the USPS from Louis DeJoy―but every day confirmation is delayed, more damage is done.

Tell the Senate: Expedite the confirmation of President Biden’s USPS Board of Governors nominees!


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Florida GOP looks to cut vote-by-mail

Gov. DeSantis recently proposed a new measure that would impose new voting restrictions in Florida — one that Florida Republicans are all too willing to implement!

In 2020, more Floridians than ever before cast their ballot using vote-by-mail. Now, Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying to make it harder for people to access their ballots by requiring voters to re-enroll every two years.

Voting by mail is proven to be a safe, secure and efficient way of voting. We MUST protect Florida’s voters from DeSantis’ crusade against democracy! Chip in to help us oppose this voter suppression!

DeSantis just welcomed Trump and other far-right politicians into our backyard at the annual CPAC gathering, and now he’s quickly trying to prove just how devout he is by suppressing democracy for far-right GOP gains.

We can’t let the people of Florida be caught in the crossfires while the GOP continues their assault on our democracy! Donate whatever you can to help us oppose this voter suppression.