2017, The Year of Realized Purpose

Charlene ButlerBlack History Month is a month of recognition, reclamation, and resolution. Every February, we force America to not only learn more about its Black citizens, but also recognize that our history is American history too; and that it matters, also. This month also serves as a time when America’s Black citizens reclaim the attitudes and mindsets of our ancestors, who didn’t allow an oppressive political system and anti-Black social climate to keep them from dreaming BIG and achieving even BIGGER. Finally, this month is more than wearing African wardrobes and talking civil rights; but rather a time for personal resolutions to do better, act better and be better, not just as Black American citizens, but world citizens.

“YOU were created to WIN!!!” – Don Manning

The year of realization in America! As we set focus on life changing events, we must also look for some sort of peace in our Country despite the issues at hand. As we celebrate Black History Month we have to understand that we (Blacks) are magical in every way. Knowing that our President is attempting to change Black History Month to African American History Month just makes me ponder on how can someone who knows nothing about being a black man in America can make such a gesture. Black History Month is a way back into time to learn more about our roots and where we all started from. One thing for sure is that I’ve learned more and more as the years go by that Blacks were involved way more than anyone could imagine. I viewed the movie “Hidden Figures” a few months back and it was a breathtaking movie! The work of a black woman WOW! This movie showed me a piece work they were involved in that was so monumental for our country. These women exemplified poise, brains, and dedication through out their acts with NASA. I would never fathomed the thought of a female “Black” working to make America great and ultimately get the first astronaut around the planet. This was so amazing to know how impactful these women were made my heart smile! I say this all to say Black History Month is our month, our time to understand and dedicate our time to learn more about our ancestors. To know that we were behind the scene so much just shows how much we are in the dark about our great black women and men. We owe it to them to realize the truth in America. We are one of the most dominant races, let’s continue on great new legacies for our ancestors. In closing, I encourage you to work hard at your craft, dedicate your time, and continue to learn more than every before this Black History Month!

Be Great / God Bless

– Charlene Butler
APWU Retirees President